Yunnan Baiyao Series

Core products of Yunnan Baiyao, which include powder, capsule, aerosol, plaster, woundplast, tincture and hemorrhoids ointment.

Paris polyphylla Series

Gongxuening Capsule
Tongshu Capsule
Zhongtong Aerosol
Reduqin Tablet

Yunnan Baiyao conducted comprehensive and in-depth research on Paris polyphylla since the year 2000, and has made significant breakthroughs in breeding technology, cultivation technique, etc, which provide solid guarantee for the company’s sustainable development. Tongshu capsule is also the first Chinese ethnic drug approved by FDA for Phase II clinical trial in US.

Notoginseng Series

·Panax notoginseng saponins   
·Sanqi Guanxinning Tablet
·Xuesaitong Injection 
·Qiye Shen’an Tablet                    

Notoginseng is a precious medicinal material in Yunnan province. It has a long history of cultivation and its in-depth development is an important component of Yunnan pharmaceutical industry. Notoginseng Series products are used in preventing heart and cerebrovascular diseases. Xuesaitong Injection has been included in National Essential Drugs List .

Erigerontis Herba Series

·Erigerontis injection
·Breviscapine Pills
·Breviscapine Injection
·Yi Maikang Tablet

Erigerontis Herba is originally recorded in the book Materia medica in Yunnan Province. Yunnan Baiyao is the earliest unit which carries out systematic research on Erigerontis Herba. It leads the formulation of quality standards for Erigerontis injection and drives the development of the industry. Erigerontis Herba Series products are used in preventing heart and cerebrovascular diseases. Erigerontis injection,Breviscapine Injection and Yi Maikang Tablet have been included in National Essential Drugs List.

“Artemisinin”-the famous anti-malaria new drug

·The Chinese original drug won the Nobel prize
·As the major research and development unit (rank the 3rd). 

·Solved the botanical resource, production technology and the first clinical case



A series of pharmacy monographs were compiled and published, which provides samples and fundation for the development and utilization of new medicine of Yunnan.

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